New Kindergarten

The kindergarten at the Sinai Primary School near Babati in Northern Tanzania was housed in classroom Number 1.

It was the first classroom to be built at the school without lintel because it was only intended to support the weight of a thatched roof. When a corrugated sheet roof replaced the thatch, the weight caused the walls to crack. The small overhang of the roof caused the rainwater runoff to fall too close to the building’s foundations which then started to erode. But with nowhere else to go, the teachers and students had no choice but to ignore the pending doom.

Rebuilding the classroom

In the summer of 2010 the Livingstone Tanzania Trust took action and knocked it down before it fell down and after reinforcing the foundations we rebuilt the classroom with two lintels for added support under a new corrugated iron roof. At last the young people had a safe classroom. Might not be lovely but it was safe.

New Kindergarten

Then in February/March 2011 we transformed this dark little classroom into the finest kindergarten classroom in the whole Manyara region with new tables and benches, an interactive notice board, text books, building blocks and other early learning toys.

Boys with new toys

Early learning is the foundation stone of our education getting it right for the young people of Tanzania is so important. Our new project is to build a library and start the reading competition that is working so well as our other school. If you want to help us with our work please donate HERE



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