A new school for KYGN in Mabogini

One of the outcomes of the Oxford meeting of T4A members was the formation of a new partnership between the kanga project and  Kilimanjaro Young Girls In Need (KYGN).  the kanga project is working with KYGN to help them finish construction of a new school which will accommodate up to 250, 3-11 year old children for pre-primary and primary education in the rural village of Mabogini, close to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

the kanga project is fully behind this project as KYGN is not just concerned with getting ‘bums on seats’  –  the most common measure of success – but is about providing sound primary education that will  lead on to entry to secondary education.  Given that the Tanzanian Government last year reported a 70% failure rate for the Primary School Leaving Examination this is vital.  By providing the right school environment and, crucially teaching English to equip students for secondary education, KYGN gives hope to the children of Mabogini.

KYGN has an impressive track record and Director, Anna Maria Kanondo,  Assistant Project Leader, Michelle Simmons and the KYGN team of experienced teachers have been working in Mabogini for seven years.  When we began the partnership, KYGN was half way through the construction of the first phase of a new school building.  With thanks to a grant given to the kanga project by the H. H. Wingate Foundation on behalf of KYGN, they are well on track to have the first phase of the school completed this year.

This is an ambitious project and the goal is ultimately to double the number of classrooms, build a vocational training centre, a safe house and a medical centre.    But this first phase is vital.  It means that the 200 + children being educated by the KYGN team will be able to use the purpose built classrooms by the end of the year.

the kanga project is pleased and proud to have been able to assist.  For more information about KYGN and how you might help see:  www.kygn.org


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