Growth of Babati

babati marketBabati is enduing rapid growth as it wrestles with new prominence as the designated administrative capital of the Manyara Region. Change is being trust on the area and with the growth demand is stimulated and prices rise. It is against this backdrop that our efforts to lessen hardship become ever more urgent, but we are struck by the way the people are responding. Self help has always been our mantra and it appears that the vast majority of people we come into contact with in the outlaying rural communities thrive with a little help. We have a very defined approach which deals with everyday lifestyle matters at a grassroots level and our mix of education and enterprise really is changing lives.

The growth within the town whilst stimulating demand for raw materials and builders is also generating jobs in banks and offices. Sadly these positions are being filled by the influx of skilled individuals, which highlights the need for Babati’s education system to step up to the mark and produce skilled school leavers. But with poor primary education, poor teaching and learning resources the people of Babati fear their children will be left behind.

With the increased population comes an increase demand for firewood and this is evident when one looks at the surrounding environment which is being systematically destroyed to meet the needs of today with no consideration for the needs of tomorrow. We have started to work with the Town Director and want to launch a massive tree planting campaign to save the soil and allow the farmers to continue to farm the land. To do this we want to harness the youth and get them involved in addressing the problems they will face in the future if action is not taken.

Our farmer extension programme has provided some of the local farmers with theoretical and practical training, which when combined with a small loan has enabled the farmers to kick start their own businesses. The chairman of the programme made a profit of just under £3,000 in 4 months.

The growth of Babati brings opportunities and problems. Identifying them and being able to react is key for the communities to ensure that development does not leave them behind.



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