New desks needed urgently

some of the broken desks

some of the broken desks

The majority of desks in the three schools Porridge & Rice support desperately need to be replaced. All three schools are in the Nairobi slums and do not receive any government funding. We replaced 10 desks in 2014, and will replace another 10 in January 2015. We need a further 80 desks to replace very damaged and broken desks for all our junior classes.

We have negotiated an agreement with a local carpenter for desks that seat 2 to 3 junior children. We have to order 10 desks at a time at a cost of £320. We have already received and paid for ten desks so know that the carpenter is reliable and the quality is good. We do not pay any money in advance. We only pay for goods once they are received and we are happy with the work that has been done.


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