New school building for Miche Bora

slab of new schoolIt’s finally happening! We’ve started building our school and we are so excited. Mustard Seed Project’s rented building for their school Miche Bora is now absolutely full to bursting. In January 2015, at the start of the new school year we shall have 200 children from three to eleven in classes of 25. We literally did not have room for the new intake and we were beginning to worry about what we would do. There have been so many delays but finally all permissions have been granted and funding for the first phase is in place and we have started. The contractor has promised that the first phase will be complete by the end of November 2014 giving us time to raise the money and to set up the classrooms for the children to move into in January
As with all building work the ground had to be cleared and levelled. You might expect that the contractor would bring in diggers and he did but they were in human form. 70 men managed to do all the digging in just two days. Amazing.
building wallsAs you might expect there have been many visitors to the site. All the local dignitaries calling to inspect the work in progress. I’m not sure they had any greater idea than I with what they were looking at but apparently they sounded official. In true Kenyan fashion they all promised great support for the project and we live in hope.
This first phase consists of the foundations for the whole school and a four classroom block containing three toilets. This section will eventually be a self-contained unit for the younger children but in January we are expecting our older children to be the occupants. I am busily trying to raise funds for the rest of the ground floor which includes the kitchen but until this has been built the children will need to walk back to our rented building at lunchtime for their mid-day meal. It’s only a five minute walk but probably too far for three year olds.
The space that has been released in our rented building will allow us to set up the computer suite again (a grand name for some very old PCs) and more importantly we shall be able to set up a clinic for our children, their siblings and their mothers. Such an exciting time.


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