Welcome to Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation

We are really pleased to welcome Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation, a newly registered charity we have seen grown over the last 2 years. Indeed Genevieve, its founder, has been an active participant at our meets and an enthusiastic contributor and learner. It’s always a real pleasure to see young people getting involved in charity work, an activity often seen as the remit of those who have retired and have time on their hands. In fact, we have a lot of young people amongst us. We wish Genevieve lots of luck developing her charity and admire her persistence and hard work supporting Martha and her community group in Kenya. They have already achieved a great deal for orphans and their grannies and we look forward to helping her, just as she is helping us too through her contributions. Please take the time to discover Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation and the real difference they are making.


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