School toilets

Sanitation is an important part of Porridge & Rice (PaR) Health and Hygiene program. PaR provides lessons on health and the importance of hygiene to avoid illness emphasising hand washing and disinfecting to avoid the spread of germs. PaR provides water, soap, and disinfectant to enable both.
However, the toilets are not adequate and there are too few. At one school of 450 pupils, the pupils share two toilets with hundreds of members of the surrounding community leading to children often practising open defecation.
Inadequate sanitation is a key factor in the transmission of STHs (Soil Transmitted Helminths) and Diarrhoea which are major causes of malnutrition, permanent cognitive impairment, and abdominal bleeding. A CDC study put STH infection rates at approximately 80% in the slums, and according to the WHO, one in five children under the age of five dies because of diarrhoea.
PaR wishes to build 12 environmentally friendly toilets across its 3 partner schools. Even though this is below the WHO recommendation of 1 toilet for every 50 children, it is a significant improvement on current facilities so will improve health, even save lives.
It is estimated that PaR can build an environmentally friendly toilet for £120.


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