New text books

textbooksYear 8 children supported by Porridge and Rice received a nice surprise when school at the beginning of term 4 May 2015. After years of relying on their teacher dictating notes, they now have brand new science text books. The books will make learning more enjoyable and a lot easier with quick access to information. Hopefully, the funds will soon be available for new Maths books



  1. Toby Armstrong says:


    Please can you tell me how much money you need to provide the Maths text books, including a breakdown covering:

    Specific text books to be procured
    The suppliers
    The cost per book
    Number of books needed
    Cost of delivery
    Taxes & sundry costs

    I don’t have much money to support this, but may be able to help a bit.

    Kind regards

    Toby Armstrong

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