Our Aims & Dreams

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Together 4 Africa is what happens when very small charities working at grassroots level in Africa and struggling to find support and funds because of their size, pull together to become more visible, more effective, and even a little less lonely.

Welcome to our website

Together 4 Africa is a coalition of UK registered charities working with local grassroots organisations in Africa. Members have agreed to work together as ‘a partnership of equals’ for a common purpose.

Through collaboration, the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills we aim to strengthen the financial and organisational capacity and impact of our African partners and focus the public’s attention on the huge difference our partners’ organisations make in their respective fields.

We also want to bring to the attention of the public, Trusts and other service and financial providers, the excellent and cost effective work done by the Trustees, volunteers and other core people of small UK charities, without whom their African partners would either not exist, or would struggle to offer any of the improvements they are presently making to the lives of thousands of people.

Our objectives

  • To share knowledge and improve our skills in order to become more effective within our own charities.
  • To increase our fundraising opportunities and diversify our income streams through activities that can only be undertaken if there is a pool of volunteers, contacts, technical expertise and financial resources.
  • To raise the profile of our own charities.
  • To raise the profile of the development activities that are needed in Africa and of the ones we are particularly familiar with.
  • To raise the profile of the great work small charities do at grassroots level, mostly on a shoestring.
  • To get the opportunity of attracting more volunteers.
  • To create a pool of information so that, in time, no charity needs to waste time searching information that is already known / used by others.
  • To build strong, equally valued relationships to inspire and boost motivation.
  • To create working partnerships so that if opportunities or needs arise, one charity may help another on some particular project.
  • To work towards an independent coalition of members that can attract funding in its own right to be redistributed to its members for projects in Africa and to provide training opportunities for ourselves.