Becoming a Member Charity

Together 4 Africa is all about getting together to help ourselves. So unlike most organisations set up to provide help for charities, Together 4 Africa is run by its members on a voluntary basis and even more unusual has its roots in the North West, well away from London. If you have not already done so, please go to our Aims and Dreams page to find out more on why Together 4 Africa was set up and what we hope to achieve.

How much members get out of being part of Together 4 Africa is very much dependent on their personal input. The board members have committed to organising, as a minimum, an annual event and keep, with members’ help, the website updated with information of interests. They will also endeavour to negotiate discounted rates for the most popular seminar requests. But most importantly, Together 4 Africa and this website will provide you with a platform to further promote your charity, find useful information, get in touch with other charities for local fundraising events, exchange ideas, talk to the public about Africa in general or the issues close to your heart and, why not, let out the odd moan or word of encouragement.

Together we can prop each other up, grow in strength and financially and also have a fun time too. As you all know too well, it’s not easy running a charity, often in our spare time. It is frustrating, lonely, overwhelming, yet we would not give up for the world because we know and understand the needs and what difference we make with so little. So if you think you’d like our help and we could do with yours all you need to do is apply to become a member.

We are very welcoming but we must also ensure that Together 4 Africa remains a sound organisation so we have put together a few criterias and rules. To become a member you will need to download the documents below. Our Membership Governance document details the criterias for membership and our governance rules. The Statement of Principles shapes our deep beliefs. Please read them carefully, then fill in the application form and post it back to us with a cheque for £15 to cover your first year membership. We use fees to cover our administration costs. We will then get in touch with you by email or phone to arrange for a quick chat.

We look forward to welcoming you.

T4A Membership Governance
T4A statement of principles
Membership Application Form