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Our member charities below are absolutely tiny compared to those you will be familiar with, yet their involvement is deep and highly targeted. They often were set up after a trip to Africa that left their founders profoundly touched by the poverty they witnessed and may be even more by the resilience they encountered. They are involved in all the issues that make poverty so rooted and difficult to get out of on your own. Lack of education and training, bad health, remoteness, degrading environment, exodus of the young to the towns, the list goes on and on. But there is hope, progress and for millions it comes through the growing number of partnerships they develop with small charities, their volunteers, with you. Go and find out what our members are up to, get inspired, get involved.

African Promise

African Promise is dedicated to developing a handful of primary and nursery schools in the rural community of Kasigau in South-East Kenya. Our current focus is on wide-ranging infrastructure developments that enhance both direct learning environments and other wider facilities. We also assist in the provision of learning resources and, in the future, will support…

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Buriton’s Village-to-Village Group

Buriton’s Village-to-Village Group (aka Dominase Development) exists to empower the rural community of Dominase in the far north of the Central Region of Ghana. We work in partnership with local people to reduce poverty and improve everyday lives by helping with clean water, sanitation, education and health care. The whole community of Buriton in Hampshire…

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Equip is a charity working with Church Leaders, Government organisations and others to promote opportunity and excellence primarily in education and health. Established in 2009 out of a desire to connect senior UK Christian education and health care professionals with development projects in East Africa, Equip’s aim is to inspire people to achieve at a level that enables them to determine their own future.

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Friends of Kadzinuni

Founded in February 2003, The Friends of Kadzinuni exists solely to help transform the village of Kadzinuni in Kenya into a self sufficient wealth generating community.Based in the village of Keyworth, a few miles south of Nottingham, our Hon. Patron is Joanna Lumley OBE. Our logo, the walking giraffe, sums up our aspirations, moving forward,…

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Gilead Health Development

Charity supports health related projects in the area of Luwero in Uganda. Because poor people benefit significantly from the delivery of appropriate and targeted health education we are developing, in partnership with communities, a sustainable health education program that includes the provision of some infrastructure to reduce the impact of preventable disease and to encourage…

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Goodwill and Growth for Africa (GAGA)

Goodwill and Growth for Africa (GAGA) is dedicated to supporting children and communities affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa, in particular South Africa. We are fiercely committed to the projects we support and want them to become strong and well structured to enable their great work to continue.  However, we have only a finite…

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High Hopes for Children

High Hopes for Children supports vulnerable children with special mental and physical needs and their communities in Uganda and Kenya. We teach skills in making equipment for these children from corrugated cardboard. We empower communities with income generating projects for independence. We work in partnership with them and other charities for effectiveness and sustainability.

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Kilimanjaro Young Girls In Need

Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need sponsors over 200 children aged 3-11 from the poorest families in Mabogini with quality education, healthcare and social care. Most of the children have lost at least one parent to HIV/Aids and many had been suffering from neglect, malnutrition or violent abuse.

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Kiota supports KIWOHEDE, a grassroots organisation working across Tanzania for the rights, health and development of vulnerable women and children. Kiota is the Swahili word for nest, representing the save haven that the KIWOHEDE centres provide.

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Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Livingstone Tanzania Trust is a grassroots charity that alleviates poverty through education, at both the school and community level. We are guided by community needs and ongoing sustainability and have developed a variety of programmes to address these issues in the short and long term.

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Lubwe Zambia Fund

Lubwe Zambia Fund strive to improve the health & education for the inhabitants of the area served by Lubwe Mission Hospital and other hospitals in Zambia. We have provided many wells and built an Operating Theatre. We facilitate training for young people, provided VAST communications, ambulances, medicines and much more.Learn More

Mamboleo Youth Project

We run a home for orphans and vulnerable children in Kisumu, Kenya. We provide for their education and are developing projects to enable the training of job skills and empowerment for the local youth.

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Mustard Seed Project

Mustard Seed Project Kenya is a small UK charity working in an urban slum area of Mombasa. We aim to help the people out of poverty by giving them the confidence, education and skills to solve their own problems. Our main project is the building of a primary school for over 200 children.

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Operation WellFound

Operation WellFound’s aims are to relieve poverty, hardship and distress by providing clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene education in rural areas. We work in partnership with local organisations to empower communities and to provide independent and sustainable solutions.

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Osiligi Charity Projects

Osiligi Charity Projects works with the Maasai of Southern Kenya to help relieve the effects of poverty through clean water, building schools, child education sponsorship, micro-finance and starting sustainable businesses. The two cornerstones of the charity are to not change the long standing Maasai culture and to help Africa help itself, through education and technology transfer. Every penny donated goes to Kenya.

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PEPAIDS supports SAPEP, an NGO alleviating poverty and HIV/AIDS in Zambia. Working in rural areas, where poverty is compounded by people too ill to work or provide for their families, AIDS Action Clubs empower communities to pull together and help the vulnerable prosper.

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Porridge and Rice

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Porridge and Rice builds partnerships with community schools in the slums of Nairobi by establishing feeding programs, financing teacher education and assisting with facility maintenance. We aim to enable the poor to improve their own lives and their societies.

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Sustainable Global Gardens

Since 2006 Sustainable Global Gardens has implemented 17 projects bringing benefits to over 10,000 poor people.. We undertake a variety of activities, because we listen to what our partner communities think they could achieve through their own efforts. Projects include tree planting , composting, microfinance and social welfare.

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Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation

Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation supports the work of Wamumbi Orphan Care, a community based organisation in Kenya that provides outreach services for orphaned children and their guardians. We ensure that isolated and vulnerable members of society are given the support they are otherwise lacking from their local communities.

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Zest for Life

We work to remove barriers to education for orphaned and/or very poor children in Upper Nyakach in Kenya. At our two partner schools we provide education bursaries funded by regular giving and undertake school premises improvements through grant aid.

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