Recognised by Westminster Abbey…..

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust's work with community education in Babati has been recognised by Westminster Abbey who are going to make us beneficiaries of their Sunday collection on Sunday 11th October 2015. We are thrilled to receive this recognition and urge you if you are in London to attend. … [Read more...]

Enterprise and Education

In October Julian, from the Livingstone Tanzania Trust, attended a conference in Uganda, hosted by Teach a Man to Fish and paid for by them as part of our Award for Best Entrepreneur in Education Programme in Tanzania and 2nd best in Africa. The conference focused on how secondary schools can improve their self-sufficiency by adopting a more entrepreneurial approach. Schools from around the world explained how they were able to generate funds while improving the education of their students. This has given us a lot to think about to see if their models made can be applied to primary … [Read more...]

Solar Lanterns for Students Appeal

The majority of the students in the schools were we work live in homes with no electricity which by itself that is not a problem, but in addition all will have domestic chores to do when they get home from school. Once the chores are done the children need to settle down and do their homework, but usually it is already dark. In Grade 7, aged just 14, students sit their National Exams that determine whether their education can continue or finish. It is possibly the first stage where a young person can start on the path to escape poverty or be left behind to continue to live a life of … [Read more...]

Growth of Babati

Babati is enduing rapid growth as it wrestles with new prominence as the designated administrative capital of the Manyara Region. Change is being trust on the area and with the growth demand is stimulated and prices rise. It is against this backdrop that our efforts to lessen hardship become ever more urgent, but we are struck by the way the people are responding. Self help has always been our mantra and it appears that the vast majority of people we come into contact with in the outlaying rural communities thrive with a little help. We have a very defined approach which deals with everyday … [Read more...]

Progress from the Livingstone Tanzania Trust

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust has put the latest Newsletter on line. It  details the progress made  with the new kindergarten, the reading competition, water projects, the school farm, pigs against poverty, clean hands saves lives and how we are now working hand in hand with the Girl Guides. … [Read more...]

Rocket mud stoves

Thanks to a generous grant from The Souter Charitable Trust, the kanga project has been able to implement a much needed project. RWDA, our partners, are to introduce rocket mud stoves into Ilongero community. So last week RWDA sent Maria Francis, their project supervisor and Brown Pagani, a future stove builder and trainer, to Dodoma to undergo a week’s training with Sunseed Tanzania Trust in how to build these fuel efficient, environment & health friendly "rocket mud stoves". Although I know they were very happy with the training, we have not had their full report yet due to the very … [Read more...]