Gifts for Gilead – A little Christmas advertising

Click on the title above for a lovely little Christmas promotional film made by Gilead Health Development. Enjoy the singing and help spreading a little happiness. … [Read more...]

Pepaids win a place on the Vodafone World of Difference challenge

Imagine spending time making a difference working for your dream charity without the worry of having to make financial sacrifices. That's what the World of Difference programme is all about. For a volunteer of one of our member charities, Pepaids, it has been a dream come true. Sasha Kasthuriarachchi will be setting up the 'Engage' project, a volunteering programme that will encourage people in the UK and Zambia to work together whilst helping to educate Zambian communities to drive down poverty and the transmission of HIV. It is a great achievement for her and Pepaids and all … [Read more...]


The World Cup may be over but it's not over for the 8 Millennium Goals. Join the "8 GOALS FOR AFRICA" campaign and get singing. 8 Goals For Africa from 8 Goals For Africa on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Women Deliver

This organisation is a great source of information on women's issues and on why investing in their health and education is so critical to the well being of the whole world. Women Deliver - Invest in women, it pays - … [Read more...]

See it, Build it, Make a difference

Do something amazing with your summer holiday! Spend 2 weeks in Zambia volunteering on PEPAIDS' Munali building project and help their local partners SAPEP on the road to self-sufficiency. Until now SAPEP has had to rent office space, which, in Zambia, is unpredictable and restrictive. Building its own facilities will open up a whole new world of opportunity for SAPEP, enabling them to increase activities, generate an income and develop the site as the programme grows! Join us as PEPAIDS and SAPEP pull together on one of our most exciting projects yet! Help us make bricks, lay … [Read more...]