School toilets

Sanitation is an important part of Porridge & Rice (PaR) Health and Hygiene program. PaR provides lessons on health and the importance of hygiene to avoid illness emphasising hand washing and disinfecting to avoid the spread of germs. PaR provides water, soap, and disinfectant to enable both. However, the toilets are not adequate and there are too few. At one school of 450 pupils, the pupils share two toilets with hundreds of members of the surrounding community leading to children often practising open defecation. Inadequate sanitation is a key factor in the transmission of STHs (Soil … [Read more...]

The Water Run – 1000 miles, 60 days, 20L water

It is nearly D Day for Ollie Mason who on 4th July will be walking from John O'Groats to Lands End in 60 Days, carrying 20 litres of water unaided to, in his words, "emulate the struggle faced by millions of people - mostly women &    children - who are forced to walk huge distances to collect their daily water needs". Ollie wants to draw attention to this still massive issue and in the process raise funds for 6 charities; one of them T4A member Breakthrough Foundation.  Ollie, who is only 23 is a fantastic role model for young people. He deserves everyone's support, so please do visit his … [Read more...]

Progress in Tanzania

The Livingstone Tanzania  Trust has just produced its 10th Newsletter highlighting progress made over the summer months. Check out the new library, the pig projects, our efforts to save the forest, electric free fridges and even a solar pasteurisation roof.  Newsletter 10 We hope you enjoy it and give us feedback and help. … [Read more...]


The World Cup may be over but it's not over for the 8 Millennium Goals. Join the "8 GOALS FOR AFRICA" campaign and get singing. 8 Goals For Africa from 8 Goals For Africa on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Flush It

An appropriate WORLDwrite film. "Watery but never wet, this compelling documentary promises to put aspirations for Western levels of water provision and sanitation on the map for developing countries. The film interweaves concerns about local water shortages, global water scarcity and toilet history with aspirations for grand projects and excellent loos. Eritrean refugee Tiba is at the centre of the film. Pontificating from her own bath full of bubbles Tiba considers everything from depleted aquifers to desalination to Livingstone's plea not to flush. Tiba's wet dream informs us pit latrines … [Read more...]