Sanitary pads

Porridge and Rice now provides free sanitary pads to all menstruating girls at its partner schools. Many families cannot afford sanitary pads for their girls so they either miss school for a week a month falling behind the boys or resort to unhygienic practices like using dry leaves. Girls at Porridge and Rice schools need never miss school again or face illness because of poor menstrual hygiene. … [Read more...]

Sponsoring a child

Sponsoring a child is one of the most effective forms of providing long lasting help. When it is offered to an orphan, it immediately levels the field for that child in terms of a future free from poverty. It can even fill the emotional gap when handled carefully. The Mamboleo Youth Project cares for 29 total orphans, 14 of whom don't even have known or caring relatives to call their family. All they have is the love and care provided by the staff and the children they live with. They would benefit hugely from being sponsored and it would also mean that we can be sure of being able to support … [Read more...]

New partner school

In July 2015, Porridge and Rice partnered with Heri Junior School in Mithonge within the Nairobi slums and started the roll out of its Feeding and Nutrition Program. Heri Junior is the 4th Porridge and Rice partner school since the charity was founded in February 2014 when it launched a Feeding program for the 250 pupils of Excel Emmanuel School. Today, Porridge and Rice has six programs that support around 2000 pupils. … [Read more...]

Meet a Maasai

The Osiligi Maasai Warriors arrived on 26th August into Glasgow Airport, having left Kenya yesterday. Tomorrow they start their tour of the UK, starting in Hamilton Scotland. … [Read more...]

New text books

Year 8 children supported by Porridge and Rice received a nice surprise when school at the beginning of term 4 May 2015. After years of relying on their teacher dictating notes, they now have brand new science text books. The books will make learning more enjoyable and a lot easier with quick access to information. Hopefully, the funds will soon be available for new Maths books … [Read more...]

School toilets

Sanitation is an important part of Porridge & Rice (PaR) Health and Hygiene program. PaR provides lessons on health and the importance of hygiene to avoid illness emphasising hand washing and disinfecting to avoid the spread of germs. PaR provides water, soap, and disinfectant to enable both. However, the toilets are not adequate and there are too few. At one school of 450 pupils, the pupils share two toilets with hundreds of members of the surrounding community leading to children often practising open defecation. Inadequate sanitation is a key factor in the transmission of STHs (Soil … [Read more...]

Recognised by Westminster Abbey…..

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust's work with community education in Babati has been recognised by Westminster Abbey who are going to make us beneficiaries of their Sunday collection on Sunday 11th October 2015. We are thrilled to receive this recognition and urge you if you are in London to attend. … [Read more...]

Enterprise and Education

In October Julian, from the Livingstone Tanzania Trust, attended a conference in Uganda, hosted by Teach a Man to Fish and paid for by them as part of our Award for Best Entrepreneur in Education Programme in Tanzania and 2nd best in Africa. The conference focused on how secondary schools can improve their self-sufficiency by adopting a more entrepreneurial approach. Schools from around the world explained how they were able to generate funds while improving the education of their students. This has given us a lot to think about to see if their models made can be applied to primary … [Read more...]

Solar Lanterns for Students Appeal

The majority of the students in the schools were we work live in homes with no electricity which by itself that is not a problem, but in addition all will have domestic chores to do when they get home from school. Once the chores are done the children need to settle down and do their homework, but usually it is already dark. In Grade 7, aged just 14, students sit their National Exams that determine whether their education can continue or finish. It is possibly the first stage where a young person can start on the path to escape poverty or be left behind to continue to live a life of … [Read more...]

Concrete walkways

Rain has always been a problem for Excel Emmanuel as it turns the school playground into mud and earned it its name Matopeni which means Place of Mud in Kiswahili. Children are forced to wear wellington boots to school or ruin their shoes. Anything dropped by accident is seriously damaged and completely ruined. In addition, the mud gets everywhere no matter how careful one is. Teachers are used to school books flecked with mud and having to brush it off. In October, Porridge and Rice, funded walkways for Excel Emmanuel. Pupils and teachers can now walk from classroom to classroom without … [Read more...]

New Desks for Excel Emmanuel

Excel Emmanuel has struggled for a long time with seating for the pupils in the lower classes. Children frequently had to sit 4 or 5 to a desk made for 2 or 3. Sitting crammed up against each other makes it difficult for pupils to learn because they are uncomfortable and hot. It is particularly difficult to do written work. In September Porridge and Rice commissioned 10 new desks which were delivered in the same month. Children no longer need to sit squashed up against each other. They can sit comfortably and write with ease … [Read more...]

Oboch Community Resource Centre project

The centre is an idea built on a partnership between school, Church and community, a first project of its kind in the district. Run as a Social Enterprise by the newly formed, elected committee the centre will have a school library available to the community after school time, an IT suite for teacher training and for use as a community training/cyber cafe venue, a training/general meeting room for gatherings, drop ins and clinics and a large kitchen with dining area that will offer lunchtime meals to children and be used as a catering training venue for women. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation

We are really pleased to welcome Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation, a newly registered charity we have seen grown over the last 2 years. Indeed Genevieve, its founder, has been an active participant at our meets and an enthusiastic contributor and learner. It's always a real pleasure to see young people getting involved in charity work, an activity often seen as the remit of those who have retired and have time on their hands. In fact, we have a lot of young people amongst us. We wish Genevieve lots of luck developing her charity and admire her persistence and hard work supporting Martha and her … [Read more...]

New school building for Miche Bora

It's finally happening! We've started building our school and we are so excited. Mustard Seed Project’s rented building for their school Miche Bora is now absolutely full to bursting. In January 2015, at the start of the new school year we shall have 200 children from three to eleven in classes of 25. We literally did not have room for the new intake and we were beginning to worry about what we would do. There have been so many delays but finally all permissions have been granted and funding for the first phase is in place and we have started. The contractor has promised that the first phase … [Read more...]

Glad Kids News

At the end of July, Porridge and Rice extended its feeding program to another school also in the Ngando slum of Nairobi. We now feed over 500 school children providing breakfast, lunch, and fruit every school day. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Porridge and Rice

T4A welcomes Porridge and Rice our latest member. Find out what they do and best of all, join one of their many fundraisers like their family day on 29th June in Whitton, featuring a 5-a-side football tournament. All ages are welcome to compete, or simply to join in the fun of being outdoors. There will also be activities like balloon animals and face painting, as well as hot dogs for sale. All details on their website. What a very active bunch they are. … [Read more...]

Latest news update on KYGN

One year on from the T4A meeting in Oxford, the new KYGN school has opened. The April meeting was the stimulus for the partnership between the kanga project and the newly formed KYGN UK and support from Goodwill and Growth for Africa (GAGA) Phase 1 of the purpose built new school in Mabogini, rural Tanzania opened today. The priority is and always will be first rate education and, crucially, English tuition to make transition to secondary education within reach to children who otherwise cannot meet the language requirements of secondary education. … [Read more...]

GAGA support Kilimanjaro Young Girls In Need

Yet another example of the power of working together. At the April 2013 meeting of T4A, Goodwill and Growth for Africa (GAGA) heard about the Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need Project (see September 2013 news item). Since then GAGA has been working with the newly formed KYGN UK and one of the GAGA Trustees has visited the project. Impressed by what they learned, GAGA has now supported construction work to help complete the new school and funded a Community Worker to strengthen the team in Tanzania for this first year of running the new school. For more information about the work of GAGA visit: … [Read more...]

Growth of Babati

Babati is enduing rapid growth as it wrestles with new prominence as the designated administrative capital of the Manyara Region. Change is being trust on the area and with the growth demand is stimulated and prices rise. It is against this backdrop that our efforts to lessen hardship become ever more urgent, but we are struck by the way the people are responding. Self help has always been our mantra and it appears that the vast majority of people we come into contact with in the outlaying rural communities thrive with a little help. We have a very defined approach which deals with everyday … [Read more...]

Christmas campaigns

Christmas is the time of year when all small charities put the word BIG into their fundraising. With just four weeks to go we take a look at what some of our members are doing. If you want to make a donation to charity that really counts this Christmas check them out, because they all do make a BIG difference with very little. Happy Christmas. Osiligi Charity Projects - Build a classroom – Double your donation (for free) Friends of Ket Wangi Orphanage - Christmas Big Box Appeal The Friends of Kadzinuni - Christmas Charity Gig Pepaids - Great Big Christmas Card Campaign Goodwill & … [Read more...]