Join us for an informative and fun day

Our next meet is on 27th September 2014 in the lovely town of Stratford Upon Avon and we have a packed agenda as usual. If you are interested in any of the below topics (or may have something to contribute), we have a few places left for non members, but do let us know soon. 1) An unusual fundraising idea in time for Christmas and why it pays to invest a bit to rake it in. 3) A short presentation by a new online platform and a chance to explore the pitfalls and legal requirements of taking on volunteers on the ground. 4) A talk by John Peterson, representing National Police Aid Convoy about … [Read more...]

A fundraising recipe for success

News article from Friends of Ket Wangi Orphanage. Take 3 girls, Lisa, Lucy and Sarah, an understanding market trader, lots of willing bakers, plenty of sunshine and good humour and you have the recipe for a successful cake sale. So good, that it raised a fantastic £431 to provide food for the children. What a great way it seems to raise funds and promote our needs. A big thank you to our young volunteers for organising this and to all who contributed or bought a cake or two. There is no copyright on the idea, so if you fancy having a go too, why not approach your nearest market trader and ask … [Read more...]

Oxford meet – your feedback

Our last meet in Oxford was a great success and as before we like to leave it to those who attended to share their thoughts on the day. “I would  like to say a massive thank you to all of you for making yesterday worth getting up at 4am. The input from your various perspectives and experiences added to the great presentations of all our speakers of the day made this meet a very productive and enjoyable day. I noticed a great willingness to share and collaborate further. T4A is our open widow to the world and a great way of showing everyone out there who wants to know, what small charities … [Read more...]

Oxford, here we come

Together 4 Africa will be holding his next members' meet in Oxford on Saturday 13th April. So far 15 member charities have registered and we look forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones. Members will get to meet the Frontiers Foundation who have funded 2 projects put forward by T4A and will listen / discuss / argue / learn / laugh / make new connections throughout the day. We are still working on the Agenda as ideas are flying in. Looks like we will need another meet sooner rather than later to satisfy everyone. It is not too late for members to put their name down and for … [Read more...]

An alternative to JustGiving that is FREE don’t just want to change the world. They also want to improve how world-changing is done.Through not only do more people engage, but they do it more effectively than ever before. Anybody can help on – as an individual or as a group. And equally, anybody can receive help not just large well-known charitable organisations, but also small grassroots initiatives round the corner from you, or anywhere in the world. The main thing is: everything is transparent. You might want to give it a go. … [Read more...]

Link up & Learn 2012

The Small Charities Coalition is organising a Link Up & Learn event in Liverpool (22nd May) and Newcastle in June. They are “bringing our own mix of skills sharing, information and networking to small charities - all for only £20 per person. It’ll be a packed day of practical workshops covering a diverse range of subjects such as fundraising, communications and business planning delivered by the likes of Institute of Fundraising and Media Trust, with a host of other interesting ways for you to gain new skills, new insights and new contacts.” All details here. … [Read more...]

Sight & Hearing test in Tanzania – can you help?

Today we are publishing a special request recently received. Perhaps you can help. This is an example of the enquiries we get through our contact page. We endeavour to transfer most of them onto the forum, so please check there from time to time. "Hello, my daughter Michelle, has been out in Moshi, Tanzania for more than 18months working for the Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need . They care for and educate up to 75 preschool children, mainly girls, in the very poor village of Mabogini. She is needing someone to check the sight and hearing of the children and I wondered if you … [Read more...]

A member’s perspective

Essential tips I picked up at the latest T4A event - by Martin Smedley of Act4Africa This Saturday I went to a T4A training meeting together with other small charities working in Africa to learn, share expertise and network together. I am a great believer in networking and in the benefits which can derive from charities working together wherever possible, particularly when working internationally.  I am sure we all know the anecdotal stories of villages where several charities discover they are duplicating efforts. I know from my own experience of African towns that have twinned with … [Read more...]

Coventry meet – a relaxed affair

On 26th November some of our members met for an informal day of training and networking and we want to thank Nobby of Gilead Health Development for sorting out a great venue at a fire station in Coventry. As well as enjoying meeting and chatting to members, we were able to meet a couple of new members and we hope that they enjoyed their first look into our "world". The day was relaxed and useful with a couple of highlights.  In particular we were taught the inside out of applying for grants from a slip of a lass with the experience of a well seasoned professional; thank you Amy King for giving … [Read more...]

Come and meet us in Coventry

Together 4 Africa is holding a meet and training day for its members in Coventry on 26th November 2011. If you are a small charity interested to meet like minded people as well as get some useful training in how to write a grant application, get in touch before 20th November. You are very welcome to come along and find out more about us. Cost is only £10 per person and includes lunch. You can download the agenda and the whereabouts details here. … [Read more...]

T4A does what it says on the tin.

In response to a funding tip posted on the charities section of the forum by Rita of Mustard Seed Project, Charles Coleman from African Promise wrote the following. "Thank you so much for this suggestion. Following reading your post back in May I made a call to someone at the XXX  Foundation and subsequently submitted an initial introductory letter. One of the Board Members was then in touch and requested much more detail about our proposal so that he could take up our cause and propose us to his fellow Board Members. I have just this morning received an email from him informing me that the … [Read more...]

Expedition Africa 2011

On 10th March, 4 lads are setting off on an exciting journey from Exeter to South Africa in a converted Land Rover. Prior and during this 4 1/2 month journey they will be promoting Together 4 Africa and raising funds for Ket Wangi Orphanage in Kenya where they will stop for a couple of weeks and help out. You can follow their progress on their blog Expedition Africa 2011 , join them on Facebook and also check out Ket Wangi Orphanage. It is badly in need of support. It was through T4A that they got to hear about the orphanage. Collaboration at its best! … [Read more...]

Facebook – How to?

Due to popular demand, we are gathering together some information on how to make the most of Facebook, starting with how to create a page for your organisation. This link is the official instructions from Facebook. Once you’ve got your page, follow these tips to maximise its impact. We found them on Vodafone World of Difference's website. We will keep adding as we find them. Be personal and informative Successful social media encourages conversation between users. So, it’s important to have a first person voice rather than a dry third-party tone. Use “We raised xxx” rather than “The Arts … [Read more...]

Feed back on T4A’s Pampering Day

We said it was a great day, but don't take our word for it. We asked participants to fill in a feedback form and we think we've got them all back. We've done a recap for all to see.  Many also sent messages and in particular a couple of participants who were flying off in the days following and did not get a chance to fill in the questionnaire. Here are some of them. "just want to say thank you for organising what was a tremendous conference yesterday, and I hope this is only one of a number of emails you get saying the same. It was invaluable and, as I said, is just the thing I’ve been … [Read more...]

Africa Oyé returns to Sefton Park, Liverpool in 2011

Africa Oyé is the UK's largest celebration of African music and culture and takes place annually in Liverpool. Beginning in 1992 as a series of small gigs in the city centre, the event has gone from strength-to-strength, moving to its present Sefton Park home in 2002 to cope with demand. With too many negative representations of Africa entrenched in images of war, disease, poverty and famine, Oyé seeks to redress the balance and highlight the fantastic range of cultures, foods, music and artists that make this great continent one of the most vibrant and inspiring in the world. The festival … [Read more...]

Charity guide to Facebook fan page

This should come in handy to all of you just starting up with Facebook or those that are just not making the best of theirs. Facebook groups are no longer the best social media tool for fundraising and getting your name out there, so if you've got one, you might want to consider setting up a page too. Charity guide to facebook fan pageView more documents from JustGiving. … [Read more...]

You can gift aid your expenses

Did you know that you can gift aid some of the expenses you incur personally to run your charity. Find out how here: … [Read more...]

It was a great day

Our "pampering day" for charities was a great success. 26 charities made it to Bradford for a day packed with inspiring speeches and presentations, animated discussions, a chance to question the representatives from DIFD and Comic Relief, some useful social networking tips and the opportunity to meet people who talk the same language. We only wished it had been a bit longer. Soon we will disclose some of our findings  and help you discover the bare bones of small charities. It is so encouraging to find that many of us are willing to share their ideas, admit failures so we can all learn or … [Read more...]

Pampering day – Update

We are getting a great response to our invitation. As a first event, we did not really know what to expect. But 22 charities have now booked their place and we have others that are sorry they can't make it but want to become members. There is clearly a need for this sort of association and we are looking forward to sharing, learning, making friends, having fun and developing the concept of T4A and its reach. We are still accepting booking, so do get in touch if you are a charity and want to participate. In response to some enquiries, we checked for accommodation today and there are rooms … [Read more...]

News on our pampering day

We are very pleased to confirm that both Comic Relief and Dfid will be joining us on 28th January. Georgina Awoonor-Gordon is the International Grants Officer for the Common Grounds Initiative. She will be accompanied by Rupal. Mike Battcock is Peaceful States & Societies Adviser - Civil Society Department - Department of International Development. We anticipate that they will introduce the Common Grounds Initiative in particular (aimed at small organisations) as it is a joint venture between Dfid and Comic Relief. If you are coming it is worth doing a bit of research before hand to … [Read more...]