School toilets

Sanitation is an important part of Porridge & Rice (PaR) Health and Hygiene program. PaR provides lessons on health and the importance of hygiene to avoid illness emphasising hand washing and disinfecting to avoid the spread of germs. PaR provides water, soap, and disinfectant to enable both. However, the toilets are not adequate and there are too few. At one school of 450 pupils, the pupils share two toilets with hundreds of members of the surrounding community leading to children often practising open defecation. Inadequate sanitation is a key factor in the transmission of STHs (Soil … [Read more...]

Oboch Community Resource Centre project

The centre is an idea built on a partnership between school, Church and community, a first project of its kind in the district. Run as a Social Enterprise by the newly formed, elected committee the centre will have a school library available to the community after school time, an IT suite for teacher training and for use as a community training/cyber cafe venue, a training/general meeting room for gatherings, drop ins and clinics and a large kitchen with dining area that will offer lunchtime meals to children and be used as a catering training venue for women. … [Read more...]

New desks needed urgently

The majority of desks in the three schools Porridge & Rice support desperately need to be replaced. All three schools are in the Nairobi slums and do not receive any government funding. We replaced 10 desks in 2014, and will replace another 10 in January 2015. We need a further 80 desks to replace very damaged and broken desks for all our junior classes. We have negotiated an agreement with a local carpenter for desks that seat 2 to 3 junior children. We have to order 10 desks at a time at a cost of £320. We have already received and paid for ten desks so know that the carpenter is … [Read more...]

We are building a school

Mustard Seed Project has a school for 125 poor children in classes of 25 in a rented building that was built as apartments. In August 2014, we started to build a two storey building which will house over 300 children aged 3-14 in 11 classes of 25-30. Our new building will also house a small clinic for our children, their siblings and their mothers. The sports hall will be available to the community in the evening. Help us finish bring it to completion. … [Read more...]

Community Hall in Uganda

Gilead Health Development are building a large Community Hall at Luwero in Uganda with a view to bringing health education to this poor rural part of Africa. The building will also have a commercial use to add self-sustainability to its purpose. As of April 2011, we have almost completed the roof support structure. The next stage is the corrugated powder coated roof covering at a cost of around £15,000. Although there will still be much to do, this will at least put this eagerly awaiting building into use.  More details on our website. … [Read more...]

Books, Books, Books for Tanzania

Livingstone Tanzania Trust need your help to buy 7763 books so that 1109 students in 2 primary schools in Tanzania may have one text book per subject. Education is not the answer to poverty but it is the best tool to fight it. £10.00 + Gift Aid will help us buy 4 books. Rudimentary resources are preventing children from receiving a good enough education to fight poverty by themselves, for themselves. A book has the power to start changing this. … [Read more...]

“Buy a Bog” in Rural Ghana

Buriton-Dominase Village-to-Village Group are working to provide households and schools in villages in the far north of Ghana’s Central Region with suitable latrines. Poor sanitation causes deadly diseases and affects the lives of young children in particular. Along with the new loos, we ensure that communities receive information about health and hygiene. Every £30 donated can help buy the basic materials for a family to build their own latrine; their own loo for the first time… ever. … [Read more...]

Rebuilding a primary school in Kenya

African Promise are planning to rebuild a dilapidated primary school in the small village of Kisimenyi in rural Kenya for the benefit of over 550 children now and many hundreds more for generations to come.The school is in a shockingly woeful state. The handful of crumbling, cramped classrooms are wholly unconducive to enjoyable and productive learning; the few toilets are so dangerous that children feel safer, in the words of the headmaster, to "help themselves in the nearby bush"; and the nearest source of water is a 10km walk away. … [Read more...]

A Maasai primary school in Kenya

Osiligi Charity Projects are raising funds to build a modern primary school with boarding facilities for the children of a large Maasai community in Southern Kenya who live too far from the school to attend. The Osiligi Obaya School will be well equipped and with high quality teaching. At the request of the Maasai community, the school will also be available for adult classes in the evening. … [Read more...]