Education & Training

By Nic Sellers of Friends of Kadzinuni

To understand the importance of education in fighting poverty you need only pass through any community in East Africa. Before we discovered Kadzinuni we travelled across Kenya by road passing through tiny villages, small towns and through the congested streets of Nairobi and Mombasa. The one thing that you notice more than anything is the schools.

Their roadside sign posts proudly announce them, often with their motto or slogan proclaiming the benefit of attending The Rise & Shine Academy or the Tana River Primary School. From the outside most appear poorly built and maintained; often a long way from where the students live. Do not be dismayed or put off by the appearance because as you step inside you’ll be hit hard by the most amazing experience. There will usually be few resources, huge class sizes, few desks and hot and stuffy classrooms with students gently baking under the corrugated iron roof.

wonderfully behaved

BUT despite all that you will invariably find beautifully behaved young people, extraordinary teachers and an excitement around learning that can take your breath away. The reason for this is simple, education is valued; it is quite clearly the most important thing in their lives, after water and food.

A new classroom

Everywhere in Africa there is deep seated hunger for education which is why supporting causes that promote education in Africa is so rewarding. Letters we receive from students we support demonstrate it day in day out; letters that fill you with such joy as they share their journey through school with you. I saw a school roof near Nairobi once, on it was painted quite roughly     “Education is a weapon”. It really is that simple, in the fight against poverty, education is the only real strategy.