The Big Difference

If your neighbour could not access water or education or medical help, you would try and help wouldn’t you? So, how about joining a growing phenomenon of DIY development NGOs and help our neighbours in the new global village we live in access water, education and medical help too.

It is true that Africa, more than any other continents still has a multitude of issues. Some far too deep, complex and broad for small charities to get involved with. For example, what do you do about malaria? what do you do about corruption? what do you do about the massive effect of global warming? the west dumping its waste? the grabbing of land for mining, cash crops and wildlife protection from those who have nothing else? These are questions small charities don’t shy away from and will often campaign about but to which they are powerless to give useful answers. BUT, and it is a big but, what small charities do successfully is help individuals and communities directly by addressing what they, themselves,  identify as the stumbling blocks to their progress and  sometime even, their survival.  In a word by showing them humanity. As Mother Teresa said, “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person”.

So whether a charity is helping to bring water and sanitation, supports a school, provides safe havens for orphans, teaches agricultural or business skills or encourages  imaginative solutions in health care, nutrition or environmental protection as all our member charities do, you can be sure they are making a difference.

Together 4 Africa is a mosaic of causes to support, all equally worthy. But you will rarely find a charity addressing just one cause; simply because most issues are inter-related and it would be pointless to act on one and ignoring the others.  So if we have wetted your appetite for information, why not explore each cause and get involved. With your help we will be adding new information all the time, so you might want to join us and get access to the forum,  get a RSS feed, register your e-mail address to get new posts straight into your inbox or simply bookmark this site for future reference. Either way, we’d love to hear from you and having you on board.