Quick Overview

Hello and welcome to the charity section where help is at hand.

If you are a charity, this is your place to find and share a host of tips and information. If you are not, be nosey and check out the worth knowing section, you might learn something, especially if you are a student.

The Links & Resources page is full of links to useful websites in areas of interests to people running a charity while the Worth Knowing page is a collection of useful tips, issue related documents and best practice in the field.

The Notice Board page is  there to let you know of particular outside offers such as training or events you might be interested in and information heard on the grapevine or otherwise that don’t fit neatly into the other sections.

The T4A News page is where you will find news on events T4A is running as well as any messages and information internal to T4A. So keep a close eye on this page to be right up to date.

The more we contribute to the Charity section, the more we will grow as individual charities but also as a movement for good.

We have a closed group on Facebook. Do join for tip exchanges and all manners of useful interaction.

If there is something else you’d like to see, do drop us a line.