The Water Run – 1000 miles, 60 days, 20L water

It is nearly D Day for Ollie Mason who on 4th July will be walking from John O'Groats to Lands End in 60 Days, carrying 20 litres of water unaided to, in his words, "emulate the struggle faced by millions of people - mostly women &    children - who are forced to walk huge distances to collect their daily water needs". Ollie wants to draw attention to this still massive issue and in the process raise funds for 6 charities; one of them T4A member Breakthrough Foundation.  Ollie, who is only 23 is a fantastic role model for young people. He deserves everyone's support, so please do visit his … [Read more...]

Klimbing Kilimanjaro

Dear Friends, Julie Baldwin, a teacher in Nailsea Bristol, has spent the last 14 months getting fit for her challenge of a life time. She sets off in October 2010 to climb Kilimanjaro so that her sister school in Babati Tanzania can have a another classroom. As a community secondary school the school are dependant on the community to provide the classrooms, but the community are mostly subsistence farmers who are struggling to look after themselves and their family. By helping Julie, you are helping the young people at this Secondary school get the education they need to fight … [Read more...]

Running for Books

Dear Friends Clive Shiret, one of our Trustees (53 years old) is running in the Berlin marathon  on the 26th September 2010. He is running to raise money for a primary school whose lack of books is frightening. How can a young person get an education without text books? Sharing one book between 8 or 9 students is not getting an education. By sponsoring Clive and reaching our target of £4000 we can buy enough books to reduce that ration to 1 book per 3 students. whilst not perfect, it is so much better than what they do today. Every penny of your donation will go towards buying the … [Read more...]

Climbing Kilimanjaro for the kanga project

Ismat's 1st part account at climbing Kilimanjaro  with Razan last July. What a fantastic achievement. By all accounts it was very tough. Read the full blog as written in  The National Newspaper where Ismat is relating her recent world travels. Her blogs make a great read and we can't wait for the next instalments, including visiting the villagers of Ilongero and seeing the fruit of their pain in the shape of a brand new egg-incubator. … [Read more...]

Progress in Tanzania

The Livingstone Tanzania  Trust has just produced its 10th Newsletter highlighting progress made over the summer months. Check out the new library, the pig projects, our efforts to save the forest, electric free fridges and even a solar pasteurisation roof.  Newsletter 10 We hope you enjoy it and give us feedback and help. … [Read more...]

Ujamaa Revival – The Livingstone Tanzania Trust’s model school in Tanzania.

Much has been written about Julius Nyerere’s socialist experiment in Tanzania, an experiment that ended with the country being held back in development terms, whilst at the same time unifying the country to make it the stable country it has become. But when we look at what he wanted to achieve do we call it socialism or to use a Clegg phrase “fairness”? Nyerere’s aim was to have equal rights, equal opportunities, a place where neighbours can live in peace without suffering or imposing injustice, being exploited or exploiting, where everyone has the basic level of material welfare before … [Read more...]


Motherland (Enat Hager) is the most powerful documentary on Africa. Fusing history, culture, politics, and contemporary issues, Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent. From the glory and majesty of Africa’s past through its complex and present history. Motherland looks unflinchingly toward a positive Pan-African future. With breathtaking cinematography and a fluid soundtrack sculpted by Sona Jobarteh, Motherland is a beautiful illustration of global African diversity and unity. … [Read more...]

Africa Oye for a memorable day

The biggest live free African musical festival in the UK. Liverpool Sefton Park - Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 June 2010 "With too many negative representations of Africa entrenched in images of war, disease, poverty and famine, Oyé seeks to redress the balance and highlight the fantastic range of cultures, foods, music and artists that make this great continent one of the most vibrant and inspiring in the world.But Africa Oyé is about more than music. Over 40 stalls selling the best food, drink, arts and crafts and fashion from Africa and beyond will again be present at the Oyé village … [Read more...]