A member’s perspective

Essential tips I picked up at the latest T4A event - by Martin Smedley of Act4Africa This Saturday I went to a T4A training meeting together with other small charities working in Africa to learn, share expertise and network together. I am a great believer in networking and in the benefits which can derive from charities working together wherever possible, particularly when working internationally.  I am sure we all know the anecdotal stories of villages where several charities discover they are duplicating efforts. I know from my own experience of African towns that have twinned with … [Read more...]

Coventry meet – a relaxed affair

On 26th November some of our members met for an informal day of training and networking and we want to thank Nobby of Gilead Health Development for sorting out a great venue at a fire station in Coventry. As well as enjoying meeting and chatting to members, we were able to meet a couple of new members and we hope that they enjoyed their first look into our "world". The day was relaxed and useful with a couple of highlights.  In particular we were taught the inside out of applying for grants from a slip of a lass with the experience of a well seasoned professional; thank you Amy King for giving … [Read more...]