School toilets

Sanitation is an important part of Porridge & Rice (PaR) Health and Hygiene program. PaR provides lessons on health and the importance of hygiene to avoid illness emphasising hand washing and disinfecting to avoid the spread of germs. PaR provides water, soap, and disinfectant to enable both. However, the toilets are not adequate and there are too few. At one school of 450 pupils, the pupils share two toilets with hundreds of members of the surrounding community leading to children often practising open defecation. Inadequate sanitation is a key factor in the transmission of STHs (Soil … [Read more...]

“Buy a Bog” in Rural Ghana

Buriton-Dominase Village-to-Village Group are working to provide households and schools in villages in the far north of Ghana’s Central Region with suitable latrines. Poor sanitation causes deadly diseases and affects the lives of young children in particular. Along with the new loos, we ensure that communities receive information about health and hygiene. Every £30 donated can help buy the basic materials for a family to build their own latrine; their own loo for the first time… ever. … [Read more...]