New school building for Miche Bora

It's finally happening! We've started building our school and we are so excited. Mustard Seed Project’s rented building for their school Miche Bora is now absolutely full to bursting. In January 2015, at the start of the new school year we shall have 200 children from three to eleven in classes of 25. We literally did not have room for the new intake and we were beginning to worry about what we would do. There have been so many delays but finally all permissions have been granted and funding for the first phase is in place and we have started. The contractor has promised that the first phase … [Read more...]

Rebuilding a primary school in Kenya

African Promise are planning to rebuild a dilapidated primary school in the small village of Kisimenyi in rural Kenya for the benefit of over 550 children now and many hundreds more for generations to come.The school is in a shockingly woeful state. The handful of crumbling, cramped classrooms are wholly unconducive to enjoyable and productive learning; the few toilets are so dangerous that children feel safer, in the words of the headmaster, to "help themselves in the nearby bush"; and the nearest source of water is a 10km walk away. … [Read more...]

A Maasai primary school in Kenya

Osiligi Charity Projects are raising funds to build a modern primary school with boarding facilities for the children of a large Maasai community in Southern Kenya who live too far from the school to attend. The Osiligi Obaya School will be well equipped and with high quality teaching. At the request of the Maasai community, the school will also be available for adult classes in the evening. … [Read more...]