Latest news update on KYGN

One year on from the T4A meeting in Oxford, the new KYGN school has opened. The April meeting was the stimulus for the partnership between the kanga project and the newly formed KYGN UK and support from Goodwill and Growth for Africa (GAGA) Phase 1 of the purpose built new school in Mabogini, rural Tanzania opened today. The priority is and always will be first rate education and, crucially, English tuition to make transition to secondary education within reach to children who otherwise cannot meet the language requirements of secondary education. … [Read more...]

A new school for KYGN in Mabogini

One of the outcomes of the Oxford meeting of T4A members was the formation of a new partnership between the kanga project and  Kilimanjaro Young Girls In Need (KYGN).  the kanga project is working with KYGN to help them finish construction of a new school which will accommodate up to 250, 3-11 year old children for pre-primary and primary education in the rural village of Mabogini, close to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. the kanga project is fully behind this project as KYGN is not just concerned with getting ‘bums on seats’  –  the most common measure of success – but is about providing … [Read more...]

Monday’s wonderful news for the kanga project

Tetra Laval International SA have chosen the kanga project to be their beneficiary charity this Christmas. Expensive Christmas cards have been replaced by a donation to us and an electronic card bearing a message of support for our sponsorship programme. We can’t thank them enough. So thank you, thank you, thank you. We are really chuffed to get this support (can you tell?) and are keeping our fingers crossed that some of the many people who will get to know about us will perhaps become interested in helping a girl get the education she needs to get herself and her community out of … [Read more...]

Books, Books, Books for Tanzania

Livingstone Tanzania Trust need your help to buy 7763 books so that 1109 students in 2 primary schools in Tanzania may have one text book per subject. Education is not the answer to poverty but it is the best tool to fight it. £10.00 + Gift Aid will help us buy 4 books. Rudimentary resources are preventing children from receiving a good enough education to fight poverty by themselves, for themselves. A book has the power to start changing this. … [Read more...]

Rocket mud stoves

Thanks to a generous grant from The Souter Charitable Trust, the kanga project has been able to implement a much needed project. RWDA, our partners, are to introduce rocket mud stoves into Ilongero community. So last week RWDA sent Maria Francis, their project supervisor and Brown Pagani, a future stove builder and trainer, to Dodoma to undergo a week’s training with Sunseed Tanzania Trust in how to build these fuel efficient, environment & health friendly "rocket mud stoves". Although I know they were very happy with the training, we have not had their full report yet due to the very … [Read more...]

Climbing Kilimanjaro for the kanga project

Ismat's 1st part account at climbing Kilimanjaro  with Razan last July. What a fantastic achievement. By all accounts it was very tough. Read the full blog as written in  The National Newspaper where Ismat is relating her recent world travels. Her blogs make a great read and we can't wait for the next instalments, including visiting the villagers of Ilongero and seeing the fruit of their pain in the shape of a brand new egg-incubator. … [Read more...]