Volunteer in Africa

Together 4 Africa has no need for volunteers in Africa, but many of our member charities do take on volunteers to help with their projects and find them an incredible asset. We will shortly start adding current opportunities in the forum. So keep an eye out if you are interested.

But, before you embark on what should be the experience of a lifetime, there are many things you should consider. Ethical Volunteering, a website worth exploring has this to say.
” While volunteers intentions are nearly always good, this does not mean that all volunteer programmes or indeed volunteers, are good. Indeed there are some programmes, and some volunteers out there that can be said to do more harm than good. This site offers some ideas to help you work out how you can be a valuable international volunteer and how to choose a valuable volunteering placement. For more information visit ‘the guide’ section of the site.”

Take a look at this film too to make an informed decision.

Please Mind The Gap from Ya Basta Films on Vimeo.